Family Assistance

Family Assistance

Pars International Assistance offers total care assistance services to Iranian extended family residing in Iran. These services include access to healthcare, legal, and financial assistance.
Pars International Assistance’s associate, Iran Assistance, has over 20 years of reputable experience in providing these assistance services. Pars realizes how members of the Iranian are emotionally attached to their extended family living in Iran and they are wholeheartedly willing to help their family during difficult times, especially when frailty and illness prevail. By opting for Pars International Assistance services, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing you have chosen the best possible care assistance services.
Pars International Assistance motto is to offer peace of mind to its members by knowing that their loved ones leaving in Iran are receiving the highest quality of assistance and care services.

The Family Assistance Program Consists of the Following Services

medical Assistance

  • 24/7 access to Assistance line nationwide
  • Medical advice
  • Referrals to Doctors and Hospitals
  • in-house doctor visit 24/7
  • Medical second opinion
  • Medical evacuation
  • Dental cover (option)
  • Dispatch of medicine

Financial Assistance

  • Payment of hospital expenses
  • Payment for paraclinical expenses
  • Payment for medical evacuation
  • Advance payment to dispatch medicine
  • Payment for dental care (option)

Legal Assistance

  • 24/7 access to a legal advisor
  • consultation with a lawyer
  • utilize in-house defense lawyer

Please note that family assistance is subject to a once in a lifetime medical examination which will determine the individual’s eligibility for family assistance benefits. Some new members may be subject to certain exclusions due to their pre-existing medical conditions. Pars will inform you and the member of such exclusions in writing.


How to buy

When proceeding with Pars Family Assistance Service, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Click on the “Get A Quote”
  2. Complete the short form and view the total fee for the Family Assistance membership; click “Next.”
  3. View “Terms and Conditions”; to accept click “Accept” button
  4. Join as a new customer or login as a returning one; click “Next.”
  5. Complete the member’s Details form; then click “Next.”
  6. Pay the membership fee (s).

Upon confirmation of the payment for each of the family members, Pars will contact the principal’s family members, arrange for a medical exam and inform you of the results. The family assistance coverage effective date will be the first day of Iranian month proceeding the medical examination date. Upon completion of the medical examination, the Family Assistance Membership Certificate will be forwarded to the family members. If the family member did not pass the medical examination and as result is not insurable the payment for that family member will be refunded to your account. There will be $150 CDN deduction for the medical examinations.

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