Frequently asked questions

Family Assistance is a collection of medical and legal services, which together with insurance coverage in Iran, provides medical assistance and access to all health centers without any extra costs (with the exception of the deductible ) as well as free legal counseling throughout the year.
The assistant will provide their services through membership. The family can use their benefits from the admission date to the end of their life.
Applicants are required to pass the medical examination as well as the payment of the membership fees by the principal (you). The pre-existing medical condition is excluded
Up to age 65, but, after that, the membership will continue until the end of a member’s life.
A member can choose his or her own hospital or as advised by the doctor, if desired, the assistance company can provide a referral to a hospital suitable for the treatment.
Most of the first-class hospitals across the country are accessible.
Currently, up to 80 MT, but this amount could change due to the inflation rate and the annual increase in hospital expenses.
The doctor's visit and the cost of the drug are payable 60 days before and 60 days after admission to the hospital. However, visiting the doctor at home is not restricted and is free of charge.
Dental insurance and assistance are provided optionally and simultaneously with admission.
Go to our website, chose "family assistance" and proceed with all the necessary entries, payment of membership and examination fees.
Travel assistance is a more comprehensive coverage than insurance, so it's not just a matter of paying for the costs of physicians and healthcare professionals, travel assistance covers 24/7 for medical and legal assistance without any need for your payment.
You can choose the hospital of your choice and ask us to arrange your admission and the payment.
If you did not have said sickness before your trip, Travel Assistance would cover it during your travel, but it will not cover pre-existing sicknesses.
Most credit cards’ travel insurance does not cover all expenses in terms of the amount and/or coverage. In addition, they do not usually reimburse medical expenses directly to medical facilities where you have been treated. You must pay the expenses and seek reimbursement from the credit card travel insurance upon your return to your destination.
Apart from payment of the medical assistance and related costs directly to medical facilities and Dental Clinics , the arrangement of delivery of rare drugs, doctor visit at home, air and land ambulances, hospital admission, luggage losses or delays , arrangement for your relative travelling to Iran to visit you in the hospital. Travel Assistance also covers an emergency return to the original country, legal consultation with payment of some of the legal expenses, reimbursement of stolen supplies, and cancellation of the return flight also covered by your travel assistance.
The 24/7 assistance will provide you with the necessary information on how to recover your documents and compensate you for expenses.
Read the terms and conditions of the travel membership fully, and, if necessary, download them from the site and keep them with you during your trip.
Usually the full name, the membership number that is included in your certificate, the residence number and the description of the services you need.
It’s a maximum of 92 days in a row.
It is the method by which a person travels to another country for medical treatment from his home country without waiting period and at lower cost.
In terms of medical services, the medical tourist provides an opportunity for the patient to be treated under the supervision of first-class doctors in Iran with a minimum of cost and a better quality.
With access to the Iranian medical network and in reference to your require treatment, Pars Medical Assistant will provide all available medical information, including choosing a doctor, estimating the cost of the treatment based on the forms completed by you and the necessary hospital admission.
the Costs of treatment will be estimated by the selected physician and will be paid to related physician via Pars Assistance?
Based on the medical form completed by you and consulting with the medical team in Iran, Pars Assistance will introduce at least three physicians for your treatment. If necessary, their education and experience and the hospital where they work will be forwarded for your consideration.
Usually you can contact with your physician via telephone, fax and email Pars Assistance is also available to help you with these issues around the clock.
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